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I'm a 21 year old Information Science and Engineering student and aspiring Software Developer based in Bangalore, Karnataka and studying in Nitte Meenakshi Institute Of Technology. I like writing code, helping people with software as well as tinkering with electronics, occasionally making a DIY project or two. In my spare time I write poetry (some of which you can find at @deducingtimeywimey) and catch up on new music and binge on tv shows


Mobile App Development

Experience with designing and creating native android apps and cross platform Flutter apps adhering to the material design with distribution on Google Play/Amazon.

Python + Django

Worked on multiple projects based on Python with the Django web framework, including integrating Data Analytics components into user-facing dashboards.

Full Stack Development

Experienced at developing and deploying web applications on the MERN and MEAN stack. (Mongo, Express, React, Angular, node.js)

Linux and DevOps

Adept at working with linux utilities, SQL Databases, and managing servers and orchestrating cloud services using Kubernetes and Docker. Over 10k reputation and ~4.3 million reach on AskUbuntu.


Experience working with DApps on Ethereum and worked on deploying and developing chain code for Hyperledger Fabric for Business

IoT and ML/DA

Electronics and embedded system programming concepts with platforms like ATmel and NodeMCU, with experience collecting and analysing data from IoT Clusters using Machine Learning


Anaadyanta 2018
Anaadyanta App

Android app and event management backend for the 2018 and 2019 edition of the Anaadyanta Fest powered by Django and Firebase


Django based research paper and literature management system for colleges written with an Angular Frontend and support for email notifications


Solution to reduce accidents on unsafe roads by detecting black spots and alerting drivers with GMaps Integration. Won first place for Transport in SIH2019

...And a lot more

To see more personal utilities and freelance projects that I've developed and open sourced over the years, check out my GitHub and CodePen profiles!

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Feel free to contact me at [Javascript Not Working?] or reach me at any of the below social outlets